HTML and CSS 101

What you’ll need to get started to code.

  1. You’ll need some way to study it.
    • Tutorial courses include: Codeacademy, Udacity, Khan Academy, Team Trehouse and W3 Schools.
  2. Find the online community! This is one is understandably tough if you’re not in a bigger city but fear not! You can always refer to Stackoverflow and Reddit to ask questions and communicate with other developers.
  3. A laptop or desktop.
  4. Text editor and other appropriate software. (I would check out Udacity to find out which text editors they are using to best accommodate your learning experience). I currently use Atom, but you could honestly use whatever text editor that suits you. There’s Notepad, Atom, Sublime text, etc.
  5. Notepad and pen/pencil. Treat this like a subject that you’re learning. Take plenty of notes on areas that you’re not sure about.
  6. Set a schedule. 1 hours, 2 hours, 4, 8 etc… of your week should be dedicated to learning code, practicing code and then building something. It doesn’t matter the quality right now, you’ll get better at it.
  7. Research what direction you would like to take your coding. There are 3 different types of developers. Frontend, Backend, and Full Stack developers.
  8. Dedicate to one language. I’m sure you’re eager to learn it all. But before you master a language you should learn the syntax and practice it. HTML and CSS are by far the easiest to ease your way into learning how to code.
  9. Be patient. Seriously, unless you can dedicate 8 hours every day to coding, it will not happen within a couple of months.
  10. Be Disciplined. It’s better to keep trying and failing than to give up altogether. A lot of computer programmers today are self taught. I believe as high as 2/3rd are self taught. This is a field that doesn’t require a degree but does require a whole lot of discipline and dedication.